The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory

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The big bang is a cosmological scientific theory describing the early development of the universe. The expansion of the universe, which follows from the equations of general relativity, is confirmed by the observations of a separation of galaxies. Extrapolated back in time we come to the conclusion that the universe must have been either very small, or even if it has been collected in point – the so-called Singularity. The theorem of the Hawking-Penrose shows that of the equations of general relativity it follows that such a point giving the beginning of space and time must have existed. Natural consequence of this is that in the past the universe has had a higher temperature and a higher density. The term "big bang" is used both in a narrow sense to the moment in which the expansion of the universe (Hubble's law), and more generally for the prevailing cosmological concept today explaining the origin and evolution of the universe.

The term "big bang" (Big Bang) was introduced in 1949 by Fred Hoyle in radio program on BBC. Hoyle does not support the theory, and trying to make fun of it.

One of the implications of the big bang is that the conditions in today's universe are different from those in the past or in the future. Under this model, George Gamow in 1948 provides that from the early hot phase of the universe must have left a residual radiation. You need to have a range of absolute black body and comes from all directions of the sky. The so-called cosmic microwave background radiation was discovered in the 1960s by Penzias and Wilson and serves as confirmation of the big bang theory against its main alternative theory for steady-state.

According to the theory of the big bang 13.7 billion years ago the universe was infinitely dense State with huge temperature and pressure. For the first 10-33 seconds of the existence of the universe does not have satisfactory physical model. General Relativity predicts gravitational singularity, where the density becomes infinite. To resolve this paradox is a theory of quantum gravity. Understanding of this period in the history of the universe is among the most important unsolved problems in physics.

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