Chapter 2 - LaTeX format

How to use LaTeX format

Chapter 2 - LaTeX format

Postby showmyiq » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:25 pm

OK , the format of LaTeX is very simple. As you can understand the word processing software should be activated on some specific place ( that is necessary step– otherwise the word processing system would not recognize what is the data it should manipulate and what input data should be leaved untouched).The question here is how to activate the word processing system , how to use it and how to close it afterwards.

About how to use it – we are going to talk in the next chapters. Right now our aim is to understand the concept of how to start it and how to end it.

OK , after we have already written some text and we need to input some special text ( like math formulas) we need to activate the LaTeX word processing system by using --> \begin{equation}

Then we type the formulas we need to input in the special math format.When we are ready and we just need to input regular text, we need to close the opened session using this command --> \end{equation}

How to input the data between the start and the end? We are going to discuss this in the next chapters, I know I have already stated that but just to be sure I recall you this.
It is simple as that: open session, typing what we need so to be user-friendly,close the session. Three easy steps!

Now the most important and cool think is that you can open many sessions - not only one! You can open session , use the LaTex word processing system, close the session, type some regular text, then open another session, another regular text and so on. It is not necessary to input all the special symbols you need in your post under one session only. Be free to open and close session whenever you like!

The next chapters should introduce to you some simple and some advanced commands, feel free to practice!
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