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The Inheritance Puzzle

Two Camels Puzzle

At one planet there were two continents.
In every content there were two countries.
In every country there were two deserts.
In every deserts there were two Arab sheikhs.
But just one of those Arab sheikhs had two sons.
Each of the sons had a camel.

How much legs are in the planet? Haha, just kidding…

This puzzle is not so easy as you thought.
Forget about legs, let’s go back to the two sons and their father.

The Arab sheikh said that his time is over and a great decision is to be made.
Which of his two sons will be the next great Arab sheikh?
He instructed his sons to ride their camels to the next city. Those camel who will reach the city slower, will be those who will inherit all the gold, glory and power of the great sheikh. As you imagine a great paradox was implemented.
One week passed and no one moved from his place.
They were stubborn like donkeys.
But one day, a wise man passed by and gave them an advice.
After few seconds, they hurriedly started to race to the next city with all the determination possible.
What the wise man told them?

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Solved By: ljsense

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