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Puzzle Patterns and Best Job Intreviews QuestionsHow to improve my IQ?

Let’s face it, the perfect start of a day includes two main things – warm cup of coffee and a good riddle to combine it with.  Our task is to collect all those puzzles, riddles and logic quizzes – your  task is to chew them over. Simple as that.

Puzzle Patterns and Best Job Intreviews Questions Why to improve my IQ?

Nature. Curiosity of the human being is the fundament of all the great discoveries. We are eager to solve the test , to discover the secret , to reveal the mystery , to resolve the problem , to find the hidden key , to  decipher the engima and etc. Most of you know that sometimes finding an answer to some perplex question can feed you with positive energy for months ahead. Those who are not familiar with this feeling – we will give our best to make you feel it!

Puzzle Patterns and Best Job Intreviews QuestionsPatterns. IQ Test Patterns and Puzzles

Every cell of your body enjoys the problem solving process. The brain is finally busy with something interesting and start building patterns in order to unravel the mystery. Your logic is going to places you have never seen before.  Your muscles are active – you are circling around the table cursing the quiz author or playing basketball with the ball-crushed papers  full of wrong equations and thoughts. Your heart and your organism are feeling vivid like never before. Finally in a blink of a moment the curtains are opened. You did it! You are full of positive energy and joy. Now your personal opinion about the author is just the opposite and you run on the streets with a smile on your face.  You have just gathered another pattern of thinking. Patterns are just what makes your IQ bigger. The more the merrier.

Puzzle Patterns and Best Job Intreviews QuestionsMoney.

You think your career should move on? Good priced job position is not so easy to get nowadays because of the competition. Guess how the companies filter them? IQ Interviews full of riddles, puzzles and math problems.If you can answer the IQ Test then you have the patterns. If you have the patterns then you can deal with real company issues by a reasonable and fast approach.

Puzzle Patterns and Best Job Intreviews Questions Miscellaneous.

Improves your creativity and your capability of solving problems under pressure. Solving puzzles and riddles makes you more organized and disciplined. You have plenty of subjects when you are out for beer with your friends. You will meet many people sharing your ideas and many friends sharing your ideals.

Best Puzzles? Safe full with puzzles,riddles and quizzes

Every day expect new puzzle to be published here! There will be no solution revealed until the next day . You can go to the section “Quiz of the day” and see the current quiz. Excellent preparation for the IQ test!

If you want to see the previous puzzles and their answers you should go to “Quiz Archives”. They are organized by dates so take your time and look around.

I hope you all know what is “Quiz Forum” so I will not explain this section.

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